Imagine if an A380 landed in San Diego?

The first time I ever flew on a jet was on a Boeing 707. I was 3 years old and don’t even remember where I was going, but I did collect my wings and that started my dreaming of flight. As aviation continued to progress with newer and bigger jets I too would dream of what it would be like to fly on them. I still remember my first flight on a 737, it was LAX-SFO on Braniff Airlines for $29 round trip.  Slowly I started to check off each plane on my list, the 727, L1011, MD80, 747, 757, 767, 777, A320, A330, A319, A321.  It seems that lately I have been flying on more than my share of 757′s, but the one that I want to fly on the most is the A380.

I have not had the opportunity to fly on the newest star of aviation the A380, the world’s largest passenger aircraft. What was the last type of plane that you flew on and what aircraft to you dream of flying on next?  Thanks to YouTube it is a lot easier to dream:

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3 thoughts on “Imagine if an A380 landed in San Diego?

  1. Interesting video, though I doubt it’s ever going to happen in real life. Interestingly I used to live in San Diego at 2nd ave and Grape Street, just south of the Lindberg Field flight path. I recall watching British Airways landing a 747-400 around 4pm daily(?). It always amazed me that they were able to get that bird in and out of San Diego.

  2. The BA 777 is coming to San Diego this June. Not as large as the 747 from a few years back, but the largest plane SD will have as far as I know.

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