Are you a P.O.S.H. flyer?

Those of you who are nautical buffs may be familiar with the term P.O.S.H.

The current definition is: Elegant or stylishly luxurious, but that is not where the term originates, but it is a term that I remember almost every time I book seats on an jetliner.

Long before jets raced around the world travel was by steamship.  The British aristocrats would book their steamship cabins from Southampton (which did not have air conditioning) to India and the Purser would indicate the initials P.O.S.H next to their names on the manifest. This stood for Port side Outbound, Starboard side Home. Port being the left side of the ship and starboard being the right side of the ship. So you see, going from Southampton England to India you want to be on the port side of the ship to avoid the sun beating down on your cabin, and on the return home from India you want to be on the starboard side of the ship to again keep the heat of the sun off of your cabin. Hence the term P.O.S.H.

This has a practical use for us flyers, by always remembering the term POSH you can avoid the glare of the sun on your window and in your face by selecting the side of the airplane to make you a POSH flyer.

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