Where In The World Is mrpickles? Introduction

Part One: Introduction Need to re-qualify United Airlines 1k status

Part Two: Staging and nesting flights

Part One: Need to re-qualify United Airlines 1k status

Late last year I was on a quest to purchase a new home and one thing led to another and suddenly it was December 2011 and I only had 27k EQMs on United Airlines to renew status through January 2013. I had to decide between racking up a lot of miles in the last 3 weeks of December or wait until January and earn the status through January 2014.  I worked out a plan to use a combination or low fares, e-coupons and vouchers to achieve my 100k EQM goal on United Airlines.

My first flight starts this Friday; SAN-EWR, EWR-SEA-NRT-SIN, SIN-NRT-ORD-EWR, EWR-SAN at 25,661 EQMs ( at $0.058 cpm) and 51,322 RDMs ( at $0.0293 cpm).

It is generally considered that under $.06/mile is great for a pure EQM mileage run and under $.03 for a RDM mileage run.

I will be staying one night at the Singapore Sheraton Towers and one night at the Singapore Hilton, both on points with no cash outlay. I plan on getting a custom suit made and having some good food from the night hawkers.

My second trip is the following week: CLD-LAX-IAD-FRA-CPT, CPT-FRA-ORD-LAX-CLD at 25,364 EQMs ( at $0.0528 cpm) and 50,728 RDM ( at $0.0267 cpm)

I planned this trip to end exactly on the day that my United 1k status ends, January 31, 2012 in order to maximize my 100% RDM bonus miles.  To my enjoyment the United/CO merger has taken a little longer on the technical side and they are extending elite benefits until late first quarter 2012 which means that the rest of my trip in first quarter will earn the 100% RDM.

So my net haul this month in redeemable miles will be 102,050 United miles.

This is my first trip report so please consider it to be a work in progress.

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